Breaking In!

One fine day, ET and DG meet over the World Wide Web, after a fanatic exchange of thoughts, dark matter and arbit stuff, the buffered connection finally turns towards authentication as follows:

ET: "Hey gal, your thoughts and stuff(This would be explained in subsequent posts) sure did 'move' me!
One side of me wasn't getting company till date..."

DG: "Aaw.. Trust me! I feel the same! Hell, yes! This is wonderful! Great coherance!"

ET: "Hmm... What about a collab?
violent... gothic... dark... blog...

DG: "Man! Sounds awesome!
Let's create a blog! What say?"

ET: "Yeah! Let's do it! It just wouldn't get better you know!"

DG: "Whoa! This is a dream come true! Let's get it started then! Hail-O-Darkness!"

Go for the ultimate collab!


Thought provoking, is it? If not, now it would be.
If you're an engineer, (high possibility!) and you've learnt Boolean Algebra, you'd definitely know the modus operandi of the XOR function in the same.
We're no different.
People, we present before you The Dark Gal and The Eternal Thinker, together XORed to be THE DARK THINKER! (One way please!)
(Whoa! Would make a flick anyway! :P)

A hello from The Dark Gal and The Eternal Thinker. We've always dreamt of a collab; maybe in our individual ways, until we stumbled upon each other and finally jigsawed it into reality.
Maybe you could figure, it was about cohesive frequencies and thoughts and the usual ambitious compatibility and blah blah! :O
But yeah, what deserves a mention here are OUR thoughts. They surprisingly matched like some kinda casual coercion!
Dark thoughts, a dare-to-unbelong attitude, revolutionary beats; yeah, that's some of it of a bigger relay that's got us going. You'd definitely see more of it! That's a promise!

We hope to live and yeah,we WILL to the expectations of our namesake, Eternal Thinking and even Darker Thoughts...

You'd sure not want to miss this one!


Powered by The Dark Gal and The Eternal Thinker :)

2 Stares:

Pushkar said...

I'd keep an eye on you two. I mean your blog! Lovely blog. I mean I didn't get much of what you wanted to say - eternal thinking. dark girl. :c "Anyway", amazing design!! I am so so jealous of you two :L

Yayaver said...

it takes 2 to tango..but i didn't get what u want to say...

:) :D :O :r :( ;) :P :| :$ :~ 8| 8)
:k :@ :L :v :d :f :c :o :i :h
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